Is A Modular Green Roof Right For You?

If you're worried about your building's ecological footprint, you may be considering adding a green roof to it. Modern green roofs have been around for decades, and the technology used to build them is becoming increasingly refined. One option available to you is using a modular green roof system.

What are the advantages of choosing a green roof? Read on to find out.

Comparing Modular Roofs To Built-In-Place Roofs

In a modular green roof, all the vital components of the roof system are assembled into individual units that can be quickly installed on your existing roof. Modular roofs are self-contained. They're typically delivered in the form of interlocking trays or plates that can be installed on a range of different roof types. Many modular systems even come with the live plants and growth medium your roof needs already in place.

A conventional green roof is constructed on a larger scale than a modular one. Each of the layers required for the roof - barriers, drainage, growth medium, vegetation - is laid down separately. While this takes more time and effort, it also offers you more options when it comes to your roof design. You can exercise a greater level of control over the depth, slope,
and drainage characteristics of your roof when you build it up from scratch.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Modular System

Modular green roofing has become tremendously popular, and it's not hard to see why. By encapsulating all of the required materials in one ready-to-purchase package, modular systems take a lot of the guesswork and expertise out of green roof construction. This makes them much easier to install without specialized workmen, and even relative novices can assemble a
modular green roof quickly.

On the other hand, when you opt for a modular roof you're giving up a certain amount of choice. You're limited to the different systems on the market that fit the conditions of your roof. More significantly, modular roofs usually require more materials than built-in-place green roofs. (Each module has to be packaged for easy installation, adding significantly to the overall amount of building material required.) This often makes modular roofs more expensive than their built-in-place counterparts.

There are some strong points in favour of modular green roofs, but these systems are far from perfect. When you start getting serious about the idea of installing a green roof, modular systems definitely deserve your attention - but make sure you investigate your full range of options before making a final choice.

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