A Few Things To Know About Green Roof Maintenance

A green roof, also known as an eco roof or a living roof is a very interesting way to make your home from eco-friendly. These roofs are actually vegetation covered that are installed on top of a waterproofing membrane. Using your roof to grow vegetation means the oxygen production will offset other harmful emissions.

Some homeowners use their green roofs for farming but you can grow any kind of vegetation on a green roof.

The Importance of Maintenance

Maintenance is important since a green roof is made from living vegetation. There are a few things you need to do to keep the vegetation is good shape, just like you would with a garden or with a yard.

You should inspect your green roof on a regular basis to make sure that the grass, moss or other plants that are growing on your roof are healthy. You might need to remove unwanted weeds and treat the vegetation

if there are any issues. Planting more grass, adding more moss or introducing new plants to the green roof are things you might have to do at least once a year.

Drainage Systems Should Be Regularly Inspected

The drainage and irrigation system of your green roof should be inspected regularly to make sure it is still functioning properly. If there are any humidity issues with your home or if you notice that parts of your green roof do not look healthy, the irrigation and drainage system probably needs repairs. It is best to call a green roof expert to have the irrigation and drainage system fixed or inspected.

The waterproofing membrane that can be found under the vegetation also needs to be inspected. If there are leaks in your roof or other issues, parts of the membrane might need to be fixed.

There are a few things you can do yourself to maintain your green roof, including checking the vegetation and adding more grass or moss to the roof. However, it is best to have a green roof expert inspect your roof once in a while. It is also best to have a professional perform any necessary repairs.

Maintaining your green roof is important because you might need to pay for more expensive repairs if issues are not detected early.

Besides, maintaining your green roof is the best way to make sure the vegetation is healthy and will keep growing so you can get all the benefits of adding an eco-friendly roof to your home.